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Roof Inspection

We’ve performed a considerable number of roof inspections Temecula since our establishment. Given that the roof protects the entire framework of a commercial building or a home, it’s crucial to utilize an experienced and reputable business that’s bonded and insured to conduct the roof inspection.

We offer several kinds of roof inspections for commercial building owners and homeowners in our service area:

We will inspect for creased, lifted, and missing shingles that might have been destroyed by the wind. We will assess for hail damage effects that could result in bruising and pitting on the shingles. We’ll also examine the outside for hail harm, including; window screens, windows, siding, gutters, a/c device, or maybe anything else that might have been destroyed from hail. We will document damaged areas with photos and/or video to show our clients, providing all information necessary to plan the perfect course of action to fix damages found.

roof inspection temecula

Roof Inspection Temecula – Roof Condition Inspection and Report: We work with numerous real estate agents who manage commercial buildings or residential properties. It’s undoubtedly a wise decision to request a Roofing Inspection before buying or selling a property because a structurally sound roof is essential to protecting the building’s framework. Repairs to the structure may be required to pass an inspection or get insurance and financing. Most inspection businesses won’t climb on the roof to do a complete roof inspection because of the risk involved and not enough roofing experience. Roof Inspection Temecula doesn’t charge for roofing inspections for homeowners or building owners unless a written report is required. If the Inspection is for the purpose of buying the house or building, we charge for the roof inspection and report. We will document our findings with photos and video, supplying a written roof-quality report. We will provide recommendations if repairs are needed and offer an estimate to do the repairs.

We will inspect the whole roof to identify the roof shingles’ problem or metal roofing system, vents, pipes, flashing, and ventilation. We’ll also examine the roofing shingles for exposed nails, proper flashing, proper ventilation, rusted caulking, and vents. We will inspect the metal set up and examine for dents, rust, color fade, and check out the complete problem for metal roof structures.

We will inspect for water spots, sheetrock damage, wet insulation, mildew and mold, and any other symptoms of water infiltration.

When executing a Leak and Restore Inspection, we will inspect the whole roof structure and perimeter soffits to find the root cause of the leak and maintenance needed. In addition, examine for problem roof shingles and/or damaged metal roofing, vents, pipes, flashing, and ventilation. We also inspect the shingle or steel installation, granule damage, exposed fiberglass, levels of shingles fitted, missing shingles, damaged or creased shingles, proper flashing, proper ventilation, exposed nails, hail damage, caulking, and vents.

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Temecula Roofing

In the last ten years, Temecula roofing replaced as well as repaired roofs all across Temecula California. We’re among just a couple of businesses in Temecula. Our Platinum accreditation enables us to provide lengthy manufacturer’s warranties. Our certified representatives will discuss the warranty choices and all the necessary details with you.
Flat Roof or Commercial Roofing Contractor Services Temecula Roofing

  • Modified Bitumen roof maintenance or perhaps re-roofing
  • Investigation and roof leak repair
  • TPO roofs
  • Single-Ply membrane and tpo roofing
  • Torch Down roofing plus roof repair
  • Installation and built-up Roofing Systems
  • Single-ply roofing systems
  • Tar as well as gravel roofing repair
  • R-panel metal roofing and repair replacement

Roofer Temecula

We offer roofer Temecula commercial and residential metal roofing services with options that are many to select from. Below are the advantages of metal roofing:

Galvalume Steel offers a warranty against corrosion and rust. Paint systems currently have exceptional resistance to fading, chalking, and cracking under the most strict conditions. Most metal has a forty-year paint warranty; however, lifetime warranties will also be offered on a few select metal-types. These paint systems utilize cutting inorganic pigments and edge technology to provide optimum protection against dangerous UV rays.

The next metal roofing benefit is the fact that metal roofing is challenging. Strong winds, fire, and different building codes across the nation are issues that affect metal roofing.

The third advantage of metal roofing is the fact that there’s a real concern in sustaining and enhancing the planet for generations to come. In this particular regard, metal roofing fulfills the requirements of recycled energy efficiency, recyclability, and content. Metal roofing is among the most energy-efficient roofing methods out there, and tests have found it can help you save as much as 40% on energy costs.

Metal roofing can be selected in several designs, colors, and finishes. Whether you desire a contemporary, conventional, or maybe old-fashioned appearance, you can get a metal roof designed to draw out the very best in your house.

Green Roofing Materials

Metal is among the most earth-friendly and sustainable eco-friendly roofing materials you can choose for your top. Green earth-friendly roofing materials provide energy effectiveness, recyclability, and incredibly low maintenance roofer Temecula requirements.